Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Paper types

In life drawing i usually take 2 types of paper.  The first is newsprint. NewsPrint is the cheapest type of paper. It is not archival so it will yellow over time but it is great to draw on especially with a charcoal pencil. The slick smooth surface will create really nice clean lines and is great for quick pose drawings. Although charcoal pencil cannot be easily erased and if you are using a stick of vine charcoal the charcoal will not stick. So your not going to get texture in your drawings. i use newsprint on drawings under 45 mins.

 Here is an example of drawings done on a sheet of newsprint from photo reference. See also that good practice is to draw many figures on one page. It can be difficult because once we feel we have done a bad drawing we want to start on a clean bit of paper.

on newsprint

The 2nd type of paper would be a medium tooth charcoal paper. This is a thicker paper with a medium grain. Its actually much harder to draw on but when a charcoal pencil along with vine charcoal is used you can create beautiful textural drawings. Because the paper allows for easy manipulation of the charcoal using smudging methods it can also end of quite messy with little practice. This is often used on longer poses of around 45 minutes or longer. The paper is archival and can range from cheap to expensive.

And here is an example of a drawing on a medium tooth paper.

on strathmore medium paper

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