Sunday, 10 April 2016

The First Class Sunday 3rd April 2016

st neots life drawing group

Thanks for all who came along to the first session. I'm really impressed with the quality of the drawings on display. The venue was fantastic. It was a perfect space for the drawing session. Thanks to Ben Pitt and Richard Slade helping me set up the class. And thanks to the model Andrew who did a fantastic job.

And here are the drawings.

A beautiful Drawing. Great job on a difficult pose. And a good likeness

lovely strong darks and confident lines

lovely strong structure on the torso.

very nice rubbed in tones

love the very confident shading.

great job on the torso and nice shading around the form to show foreshortening on the leg

shoulder area and ribcage is most successful on this

a really good likeness and a a good job on the strong foreshortening on the leg

lovely line work!

i took this home and darkened the shading. It was a great pose from the model front on.

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