Monday, 2 May 2016

Life Drawing Session 1st May 2016

May 1st 2016

Thanks for joining the 2nd class on Sunday. It was great to see some new faces joining the group. Thankyou to Andrew the model along with Richard and Rebecca for helping with the organizing.  In the next class we will start having a short group critique at the end of the session.

Here are the drawings

strong torso. Great job on feeling the weight on the stick.

great studies. It sometimes good to focus on separate body parts

great job with the difficult pose

great that you have 3 drawings on one,sheet of paper. Very dynamic.

line work is really nice with this. Simple but lovely lines.

A good example of the gesture block in and then started to work in the shadow shapes.

lovely contours and proportions

Strong solid structure

a good likeness and solid directional shading

Love the composition on the paper.

the scribbled linework is very graphic.

A successful full set of drawings. I want one of them drawing cases!!

This is a beautiful drawing. A successful complete pose And the model will be happy as you have took 10 years of him.

This is a wonderful stylized drawing of the model.

beautiful soft grey midtone values.

stong bold linework.
nice full pose. I feel i could have done a better job with the face and his right knee.

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